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File is attached: pyramides-00.jpg

Les Pyramides

Von: Newmat S.A.S.

Projektname: Les Pyramides

Spezifizierer: EDL Design

Voraussichtliches Startdatum: June of 2019

Geschätztes Abschlussdatum: November of 2019

Stadt / Ort: Le-Port-Marly

Staat / Region: Île-de-France


Nachricht: 2 NEW/LIGHT 3D ribbons, 140 linear feet each, with integrated LED strips controllable LED by LED using T0B1320/white translucent wide width membranes wrapped around a 3D aluminum skeleton. The ribbons are suspended on black cables to appear like they are floating in air.

Eingereicht am: November 25, 2019 12:05 PM

No file attached

One Vanderbilt

Von: Snohetta

Projektname: One Vanderbilt

Spezifizierer: Aaron Pine

Voraussichtliches Startdatum: now

Geschätztes Abschlussdatum: later

Stadt / Ort: NYC

Staat / Region: NY

Land: New York

Nachricht: already in contact

Eingereicht am: November 4, 2019 11:10 AM

File is attached: ncsu-visualization-room-microperforated-wall.jpg

NCSU Visualization Room

Von: Performance Acoustics, LLC

Projektname: NCSU Visualization Room

Spezifizierer: Lord Aeck Sargent

Voraussichtliches Startdatum: 1-15-2020

Geschätztes Abschlussdatum: 2-15-2020

Stadt / Ort: Raleigh

Staat / Region: NC

Land: United States

Nachricht: Round Room. Microperforated Wall treatment will be used for seamless projection around the room

Eingereicht am: October 16, 2019 12:52 PM

American Airlines Trinity Complex

American Airlines Trinity Complex

American Airlines Trinity Complex

American Airlines Trinity Complex

Von: Newmat Northeast Corp.

Projektname: American Airlines Trinity Complex

Spezifizierer: Pelli Clarke Pelli Architects

Voraussichtliches Startdatum: March of 2018

Geschätztes Abschlussdatum: November of 2018

Stadt / Ort: Fort Worth

Staat / Region: Texas

Land: USA

Nachricht: 72 NEW/ACOUSTIC & NEW/MIRODAL 3D blades to create a turbine replica (approximately 40,320 square feet total) using ACM15/white matte micro-perforated membranes wrapped around a 3D aluminum skeleton and white melamine acoustical core. The blades are suspended on SS cables at the proper angle to achieve the turbine design.

Eingereicht am: October 16 2018

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