Solution for your thermal comfort


NEW/THERMACLIM for your thermal comfort.

NEW/THERMACLIM is the ideal solution to provide a perfect distribution of the heat and air conditioning within your space, while concealing the HVAC system and without the need for visible vents or registers.

The NEWMAT membrane in this case retains all of its usual esthetic, acoustic, or lighting properties, but it is combined with a custom profile, with or without open slots, which allows your HVAC engineer to decide  where to diffuse and where to return the air. In addition, the very thin NEWMAT membrane allows for heat or air conditioning transmission throughout the entire ceiling.

For more information please review the brochure below.

CITY HALL, Utrecht, Netherlands (2015)MEDIATHEQUE (2019) FRAMÉDIATHÈQUE, Harnes, France (2019)NEW/CLIMACLICK

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