Newmat consists of a custom fabricated PVC Membrane, a semi-rigid Perimeter Harpoon, and a perimeter Profile / Profile made of either PVC or aluminum.
The Newmat membranes have proven to be non-toxic upon burning, and they have passed the most stringent fire tests worldwide. Our systems have been approved by all applicable codes to be used as interior finish walls and ceilings as well as light transmitting plastic diffusers for lighting fixtures and backlit applications.
Newmat membranes have a breaking point of 2,800 pounds per square inch lengthwise, and 3,200 pounds per square inch crosswise. The Newmat membranes can hold a great deal of water in case of a burst pipe or other leak, in which case the membrane will expand to absorb the weight of the water. Once the water is removed, the membrane will return to its original position because of its heat-activated membrane. Newmat membranes have been used in gymnasiums because of its ability to withstand ball impacts without distortion or damage.
Newmat can be quickly and easily installed by any of our trained and licensed installers worldwide. The custom membrane is stretched on site with a heat source and secured with its harpoon into our perimeter extrusions / profiles. A Newmat basic installation procedure document can be found in the Professionals menu of this website.
Yes, Newmat can be cleaned if necessary. While most applications will never require cleaning, occasionally dust, dirt, or stains can show on the membrane. When this happens, a few different products and techniques can be used, each of which is based on the nature of the dirt or stain.
The Newmat non-perforated membranes provide some acoustical absorption due to the diaphragmatic action of the stretched membranes.
The Newmat patented micro-perforation process offers exceptional acoustical absorption tailored to the requirements for specific projects and based on the size of the micro-perforations and/or the combination with various acoustical backing.
Yes, Newmat systems are considered Green because they are not only 100% recyclable but also contain a high percentage of pre-consumer and post-consumer recycled content. When combined with lightweight, efficient fabrication and production methods and local assembly, they are systems of choice for LEED certified projects.
Yes, we can print on most of our membranes with a digital printing process up to 3.2 meters wide with no limitation in length. And we can seam the membranes together to achieve a large printed area. The client needs to provide a graphic file of 600 dpi minimum and in a size of 10% of the finished product.

Newmat has been supplying and/or installing ceilings for the last 30 years. Some of the original ceilings are still in great shape, while some others, which have been exposed to harsh environments and/or have not been properly maintained, are showing signs of wear.

However, the materials we used 30 years ago to produce those ceilings were not as sophisticated and did not have the same composition as the materials we are using today. Based on that fact, we estimate that the life expectancy of a Newmat ceiling is +/- 30 years.

The only Newmat system that can be used outdoors fully exposed to the elements is our Newmat-Mesh System. All our other membranes can be used outdoors only if they are directly protected from the sun, such as underneath a canopy.
You can call our World Headquarters in France at 011 (33) for European Locations.

You can call our USA distribution center at 1 (631) 261-1498 for North America, Central America, South America, Asia, Australia, New Zealand, and the Middle East.

If you are a Specifier in North America, you can find your local Newmat representative in the Professionals Menu of www.newmatworld.com in the section called “Network”.

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