I have known Vara Kamin for more than 15 years and from the first day I met her, I have been fascinated by the personage and by her amazing art. Realizing immediately that the seamlessness of our membranes would provide the perfect canvas for her art, I have tried ever since to combine VKI with our translucent backlit systems knowing that NEWMAT + VKI would be a perfect marriage of products, technologies, art, printing, and light that would provide the best aesthetic and functional result and allow the art to have a deeper effect on its viewers and users.
I hope that our specifiers will have the same feeling about NEWMAT + VKI and allow us to bring this great combination to life.
Vara Kamin

Vara Kamin

VKI founder, Artist and Distinguished Fellow Vara Kamin is recognized as a pioneer and thought leader in the field of art and healing. The evolution of Kamin’s career into the healing arts is derived from decades of mindfulness based training and practice, and the cultivation and integration of creative self-expression.Vara Kamin is a graduate of Massachusetts General Hospital School of Nursing, Boston, MA and a former Public Health Nurse. Kamin’s broad range of experience is reflective of her background in health care and her lifelong interest and studies in literature, philosophy, meditative practices, color and design.

In 1980, after a decade in nursing and healthcare administration, Kamin pursued her artistic/writing career. Published credits include: Family Circle Magazine, Ladies Home Journal and other national magazines as well as the publication of an original collection of Fables entitled The Gold Key in the Mahogany Box (Putnam Berkley Publishing). The Fables were the focus of lectures and workshops on compassionate conversation throughout the US and in South America.

Just a Few Samples of Vara Kamin’s Art Pieces

Kamin’s original works of art have been commissioned by various health care, commercial and residential clients throughout the country. For over 16 years, a selected number of Kamin’s paintings have been replicated and placed in hospitals and healing centers throughout the US in a wide variety of adult and pediatric clinical care settings. The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, Children’s Hospital Boston, Vanderbilt University Hospital, Johns Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore, MD, Our Lady of Mercy Hospital, Seoul, Korea, Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine, Erie, PA and Hennepin County Medical Center Minneapolis, MN are among the extended list of hospital placements.
In February 2012, Kamin received the designation of an Arts and Health Distinguished Fellow for her outstanding vision, leadership and commitment to excellence in the field of Art and Healing.


While representational static imagery, such as images of natural landscapes provide a visual context, Vara Kamin’s artwork takes your visual experience to a whole new level. The VKI Images create a shift in energy connecting viewers to a comforting and reflective quiet inner space. The deeply interactive experience with the VKI Images allows viewers to open up to their own intuitive realm and active imagination.

Every VKI installation project is an engaging, dynamic, interpretive, moving, visceral experience.

The VKI team has a system to understand and capture client’s design objectives. The team uses a collaborative development process for working closely together with customers.

  • The VKI Images are designed using a highly creative methodology that combines different cross sections of Vara Kamin’s original paintings.
  • Customer’s’ installation for a specific project can be of any size and shape as required.
  • VKI offers an extended set of Vara Kamin’s paintings for replication; the team is able to guide customers in the selection of paintings as well.
  • The flexibility to create a fully customized unique Image installation, empowers VKI customers in realizing the intended design that resonates with the overall theme and vision of the project.
VKI has a proven track record for selecting and integrating the best backlighting solution for the client project installations. The VKI team works with a number of companies to select the right technology and lighting products for the project, whether the art is for a lobby, a corporate collaborative space, a hospital or healthcare setting, or a wall or ceiling in a private residence.