For many years a large number of Newmat projects have been translucent backlit applications. During the fluorescent era, these backlit applications were easy to design, simple to install, and produced great results with even lighting to comply with the design intent. Of course, the fluorescent fixtures had a life expectancy, and therefore maintenance / re-lamping was sometimes an issue. In today’s world, fluorescent fixtures for large backlit applications are no longer a product of choice because of the new energy codes limitations.

Many years ago LED light sources, especially in white colors, did not perform well. They were not reliable, they often shifted colors, and they were extremely heat sensitive. Today LED technology has greatly improved and there are many products on the market that perform well and that offer consistent, even lighting and longevity with little to no need for maintenance.

While most light sources behind the Newmat system are designed and/or specified by lighting designers or architects, Newmat is sometimes asked if we recommend or prefer a specific light source to backlight our membranes. Having had a lot of experience with many different LED systems, we learned which ones work well and which ones don’t, and under what configurations.

Today we have come to learn and to appreciate the LED system, which we strongly recommend when applicable. The system itself is of high quality and reliability; it offers a variety of color temperatures and is available in tunable white and/or dynamic lighting. But more importantly, it is an extremely easy product to install with its patented tensioning system that makes perfect sense above a stretched Newmat membrane.


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