The Masters of Printed Walls & Ceilings


NEWMAT patented imaging process allows for computerized printing on our ceiling or wall membranes.

You can choose a prescanned image in the Options menu, give us a photograph you wish to reproduce, or create your own custom design and provide us with a graphic file up to 1200 dpi.

NEWMAT will then supply and install a ceiling or wall system with your personalized design ranging from replicas of ancient art to modern advertising to abstract designs.

Acura Exhibit (2014) CABAKERY U MULINU (2010) FRACavalli Club (2013) FLCINCO M DOS (2014) MEXEspace Évènements (2015) FRAGlobal Shop, ILGOTHIA TOWERS (2013) SWEHOTEL ISOLA (2007) FRAHOTEL L’ABBAYE (2019) FRAHOTEL PORETTA (2001) FRAICE CREAM PARLOR (2015) FRAKARAFUN (2017) FRALEIDOS 2020 D.C.Meraviglia Cruise (2017) FRANCN (2016) FRAParental Suite in a Private Home (2019) Amilly, FRAPRIV. APART. Calvi (2003) FRAPRIV. RESID. Biguglia (2016) FRAPRIV. RESID. Calvi (2000) FRAPRIV. RESID. Calvi 2 (2000) FRAPRIV. RESID. Furiani 2 (2009) FRAPRIV. RESID. Furiani 3 (2009) FRAPRIV. RESID. Solenzara (2010) FRARESTAURANT LE KARMA (2017) FRAUC Berkeley (2012) CAW Hotel (2009) CAZEIDLER’S CAFE (2019) CA

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